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Afaya Technology is now launched the AFAYA PEN in the Tsannkuen Electronic chain store by September 1, 2008. The Afaya-Pen is the best tool to explore the world of knowledge and languages. It can make your language learning much easier in anywhere and anytime. The first launching products are,『EZ Talk 6 issues+Afaya Pen』、『Hide and Seek Game Book』、『Child Series』. By using Afaya Pen, the language learning is not difficult anymore. Afaya Pen can read story for your kids by just simple touching on the publication. With it, learning with fun is guaranteed. With the first successful launching, AFAYA PEN is now adding another 150 store locations on the November 1, 2008 alone with the first 100 store locations to make up total of 250 store locations. To let more consumers try and purchase the AFAYA PEN in those many store locations.

Original Price
『EZ Talk 6 issues+Afaya Pen A-100S』 2990元 1980元
『Hide and Seek +Afaya Pen A-106S』 2990元 1980元
『Child Series+Afaya Pen A-106S』 2990元 1980元