>Afaya-Pen 101/102S

The Afaya-Pen is the best tool to explore the world of knowledge and languages. It can make your language learning much easier in anywhere and anytime. For parent, it can read story for your kids by just simple touching on the publication. With it, learning with fun is guaranteed.

It's the results of our past effort to integrate the MP3, CMYK printing and image recognition technologies into one whole solution. We incorporated various disciplines and worldwide publishers/innovators together to bring you this U-Learning environment. The sky is not limited to what you are going to find with our current web site for we are still enthusiastically evolving to diverse directions.

There can be other A-PEN innovative applications upon your imaginations in addition to just books. They can be:

Teaching aid For young child. Self education aid in U-learning.
For visual handicapped Personal to read. Sales tool can do sales talk itself.
Self commentary Photo album. Paper remote control.
Member proof/ID certification security system. Online direct-coupled mail order catalog.
RFID alternative system. Explanatory of animated picture commodity manual



Card capacity



158 mm (L) x 30 mm (W) x 20 mm (H)


50 grams (without battery)


2 AAA batteries


50mW, 16[ max



File format

DSP format/101D


Bit rate G 32Kbps~128Kbps, support VBR

USB interface

USB 1.1

Afaya-Pen Certificate

This certificate entitled publications or applications to be compatible with current and future Afaya product lines worldwide.

For details to obtain this certification, please click the contact button.